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It's me back again, still trying to find something that I want to come back and do weekly.

Thank you for giving me some motivation for keeping some content juices flowing.
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Let's try to review the abilities and showcase a few.

Retaliation - Random counter attack. Great for tanks or tail ends if you suspect a heavy dose of sneak. Random aspect does make you want to cry at times. Over all if a tank has this I tend to look more fondly upon them.

Images don't seem to be loading for me currently (task to deal with later) so here is a link to all the monsters that currently have the ability to acquire Retaliation.

While I don't own all of these I have experience with a few of them and can speak on the extreme use in the right scenario.

Battle Example

Quite a bit of retaliation on the board to start on this one, lets see who get luck and has theirs go off.

RD 1 - First blow from the Dwarf and my hound doesn't retaliate (Ouch), again my hounds doesn't go off when his hound attacks. My gold chicken manages to set his Dwarf's exploding retaliation into effect. (Could this get worse?)

RD 2 - His hound counter the Living Lava. Spoke to soon I guess, it's getting worse.

So while this didn't end in my favor it still is a great example of how the skill really works and can really make you cry at times.

Cards I have an opinion on

Exploding Dwarf - Epitome of glass cannon. Great to bury in the middle of a line up for Super Sneak or Melee Mayhem (see battle above, lol). Great with Armored Up as well, and gets better with Flame Monkey. The more changes you have for him to retaliate with his massive attack is best.

Cerberus - Great tank for low mana battles OR Little League. I will typically use him with some low mana sneak/opportunity melee monsters to benefit from the +1 attack from the summoner and just assume he will survive long enough for me to eat at the back end of the opponents line-up.

War Chaang - Decent to put in the rear for Up Close & Personal as you can probably assume there will be some amount of Sneak. He gets to attack with both his ranged and his melee attack in Super Sneak and Melee Mayhem. Needs to be using in high mana battles but can be used situational.

Never played the game, here's a link!!

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