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RE: Battle Rule EARTHQUAKE can be challenging!: My Splinterlands Journey #9

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I think your strategy is one of two that are the most feasable. One is yours and the other which I often have to use is high armor stats. The nonhealing handicap really is a pain with earthquake I agree. You are doing awesome my stacking sis and learning super fast as with all things!! Thanks for sharing!!

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You know me. I got into this game without really knowing what to do!!! After losing so much in Earthquake and seeing that opponents' cards are not affected by the earthquake, then that is when I notice that the flying ability protects the monsters from the earthquake. Well.... it doesn't say that anywhere!
So when this rule came around, I chose the splinter with the most number of cards with the flying ability and lined them all up, hehehe.
And like... I hate to be asking questions too much because I am sure everyone else figured it out! It is the story of my life, my stacking brother... I am always asking for help and assistance in one thing or another. I guess it is the one thing that keeps me very humble. I know that I am where I am in life by the thousands of people who cared enough to answer my questions.
Take care, my stacking brother @dwingsworld. 🥰🌺🤙 !tip

Asking questions is never a bad thing my stacking sis! Its the only way we grow and learn and even if it seems silly it still helps us realize their is so much out there.

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