Earthquake Rocked my World

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Hello everyone, today I will be battling my deck against @farizal which was a privilege. It is for the @splinterlands challenge which was so much fun. We will be exploring the Earthquake ruleset which is maybe my favorite ever because you really have to adapt and use cards which you would not otherwise.

One new ability I love to imagine could be called Tremor. Which would have a one chance out of 10 of causing earthquake every turn. This ability would also protect that creature from the damage of it’s own earthquakes but not from those earthquake ruleset which, if effective, could mean 2 Earthquakes on a single round.

Also, a tremor could never happen twice in a row as it would be deactivated for one turn after happening.

What do you think, should I pitch the idea to @aggroed?

This is a video of the battle. I hope you enjoy it. I made it as I was very tired but couldn’t sleep. Sometimes I get bad insomnia and because of the holidays, my internal clock is all over the place.

I could hear the rain that night which gave me some comfort in the midst of insomnia.

Tyrus boosts shield which is good VS earthquake because it counts as physical damage so that protection is an asset, especially for monsters that haven’t been attacked from an ability like snipe yet.

Here are my cards from first to last

I am hoping that Creeping Ooze will get attacked but that Sacred Unicorn will still attack AND use heal on himself. If the attackers are too slow...

... The idea is to make full use of this light tank with a decent 3 attack.

Sacred Unicorn was my very first Legendary reward card. I remember being so proud of myself and loving this game.

This was my first time Luminous Eagle which I may have overlooked since Life is my strong Splinter along with Water. It really covers a need for a flying Life creature.

The reach ability is easy to underestimate and only think of when you have an attack bonus like for the fire Splinter.

If the divine healer doesn’t take enemy damage, he will heal 3 times before earthquake hits him, including himself!

Armorsmith will give me a distinct advantage in this battle. By restoring only one point, he can dampen the most powerful attack. Only magic attacks and the Piercing ability can counter this but it is particularly useful with earthquake or with the Healed Out ruleset.

Didn’t need this one but my opponent also used it, I put it last, a bit of a no brainer.

Here are a few of my opponents cards for this battle.

Flesh Golem is a great tank except that you meet to bring it up to level 3 for it to heal. Once it does, watch out, it’s terrifying!

My opponent fell out of luck, I won’t be using magic today.

Ultimately I will prevail. I was happy to be forced out of the Water Splinter to discover Luminous Eagle, it was worth it. I am sure it levels up nicely too.

What about you? Do you enjoy the Earthquake, if so, let me know in the comments. If not, get lost, I don’t wanna know *kidding ;)

You can find the contest here if you wish to participate.



Great post!
First, LOL! You DO look tired in the video. Not bad... just that feeling of zombie-like insomnia. I felt it. 🤣
However, you were still able to talk through everything. I can barely do that when I'm totally alert!

Thanks for taking the time to write out a post and do a video!


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Thank you for an honest review, it encourages me to be funny and play off the mood even more.
I genuinely appreciate the support and the opportunity.
It's really hard to get Video views on a blog post but I think One should still go all out every time and not get discouraged. That is why I am so appreciative for the learning experience!