X-Mas Best Wishes and Untamed Unwrapping

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I was looking at one of @Snook's wonderful vlogs and got inspired to make one of my own, it had been some time.

I am temporarily moving to Montreal where my mom will teach me the trade of translation. I am very much looking forward to it because her and I are close as can be.

It is a new beginning for me and I hope that ultimately, this decision helps me remain passionate about everything I do.

@snook is a great inspiration for vlogging, she is earnest, spontaneous and all in all, quite human. I feel like it's easy for older vloggers to make excuses because of our youth obsessed society. One might say, “I’m too old for this” which makes her an inspiration to us all with her journey of incredible growth. She does it effortlessly and with laughter.

It would be nice to vlog weekly and perhaps this transition is the story arc I need to help me connect even deeper with this wonderful community.

0:42 A big thank you to 2 very special participants who both gave me a present for the holidays along with beautiful cards.

2:50 I am going to decorate our home for the holidays with my partner Travis

3:26 I talk about the French graphic Novel Broussaille which has some profoundly environmental themes.

4:04 The Mindful Artist has been an amazing experience, it has been an honour to bring a New Age twist to the idea of Mindfulness.

4:56 @snook is such an inspiration with her approachable blogging style. You can find her post about becoming a dolphin here.

7:41 A recent post of mine has been doing very well thanks to the @curie upvote. It feels nice to share some fiction with everyone.

8:07 X-Mas came early for those like me who have participated in the Untamed Crowd Fund through Kickstarter and Fundition. If you wish to skip to that part, go here.


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Thank You for the very kind words!!

I am so happy it helped you Vlog again!!

Thank you for being such an inspiration!

Glad @snook got you going!