Opening my Season Reward Cards! - Evan Stinger's Splinterland Series

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Opening Season Reward Cards!

This is always be an exciting thing for me, but I always try to keep my expectation low, because I don't want to be badly disappointed when I happened to get crappy cards as rewards.

Yes, I experienced that bunch of Highland Archers rain 😭👌

New feature on Rewards opening page!

Sorry, I didn't happen to took the picture of it, because I try it as soon as I see it.

There's a button in the top of the folded cards when we usually will touch the cards one by one to reveal it.

The Button says: Reveal. Pretty straight forward, and it does, literally reveal all your cards!

And it happens pretty quick, all my cards automatically unfolded before me, I just watch it and smile while some Epic Cards shining towards me!

Unfortunately, I still haven't take screenshot on the first line of my cards, and strangely I can't scroll up (I use mobile phone) to see the first two lines.


I also noticed, if you got some duplicates it'll showed as stacks. Small improvement but really convenient, kudos to Splinterland Team! 🍻

After all, how's my rewards?
Hmm, not bad, but not too good to celebrate 😅

So, that's it!
How's your Rewards?

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Fine, @puncakbukit resteemed your post to thousand followers.. Many thanks to vote @puncakbukit as witness.

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Scored a legendary ruler of the sea, super happy with that card.

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dude, you're so lucky!
did you use the legendary potion?

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