"Splinterlands" Season Records and Competitive Frustrations

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So the latest season is coming to an end and I gotta say it's probably my most enjoyable yet. Especially with the introduction of "Guilds". I have managed to finish this season in "Champion I" which is a big deal to me, as before the highest I ever got was "Champion II". Pretty chuffed at that. But I tell you, the level of competition is insane at these levels...


Trying to get into the 5,000 points category is extremely difficult for me. Guess that means some improvements have to be made to my game. A few extra cards added to my arsenal may help, although I believe I've got most of what I need. One regret though is not buying the alpha "Death" splinter when they were cheap. Still, as I say, I've got most of everything else.

But yeah, sometimes I get proper mad when I lose. Do you guys get that way too? I suppose that's a good thing as it means I really care about doing well in the "Splinterlands" community. As do many others too. A few matches I've lost by only a point and the swears starrt flying. Once I was this close to putting a pen through the monitor screen. But yeah, that was admittedly a little too OTT at the time.

Watching this game unfold has been a privilege and ultra enjoyable too. From my perspective, by far the best version of a business model using the STEEM blockchain by a long shot. This season's introduction of multiple rules was a curveball I didn't expect. It was quite amusing when the missus found out and for a while, was totally lost. She's also doing pretty well too, being in the "Peakmonsters [PREMIERE]" guild.

All in all, this game has the hallmarks to be a blockbuster in the crypto world. The mechanics are beautfully balanced and the core gameplay is oh-so-addictive by nature. And we have so much more in the horizon too. My "spliterland" goals from here? Trying to get into the top 50 at the end of a season. This season might be too late now but you never know. See y'all on the battlefield!


Hope you enjoyed this post, please look out for more on the way... (author: @ezzy)


Haha, I can get a bit emotional as well when I loose too many matches in a row. amazing game, to trigger our nerves like that.

I know that feeling only too well. :)

Yep .... frustrations, yelling .... the whole thing :) Just as on foodball match.

I got in the champion 1 for the first time as well ... now trying to be in the top 50 .... but not sure about that

Nice job, buddy! But you and I know, the struggle is real... :)

It sure is .... I'm busting my ass of :)

I think the only good competitor against steemmonsters is gods unchained on Eth... and to be 100% honest, they seem to be getting the upper hand, they just added one of the former MTG arena game directors and those guys know all the ins and outs of marketing and adoption of card games.

Let's wait and see... if we can get some new features, more cards and maybe a leasing market up I think gods unchained ppl would start sweating rly hard, there is enough space for both games, but the number 1 spot should be ours!

I've heard of "Gods Unchained" but must admit, know nothing about it. But as you say, there doesn't have to be one only victor. Plenty of room to share the spoils. :)

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Definitely an intense season and it takes big investments to get cards good enough to get into these levels. I spent probably too much this week but it is paying off as I am sneaking into Top 50 and over 5,000 for the first time! It is so addicting!

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I don't play at your level but sometimes I get in what I call the dead zone. This happens when you go up one league by about 60 points and you don't have the deck to compete. All of a sudden you start to lose 75%-80% of the matches but you only drop 3 points when you don't win. So you are stuck...you don't go down but you don't go up, you hardly win any DEC and forget about completing any quests.

So your best course of action is to surrender all your matches until you are back where you can compete. But sometimes it coud take 20 or more games to achieve that and you can say goodbye to any card rewards or DEC for a day.

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