Splinterland any-time tournament : the tie glitch

in #spt4 months ago

Splinlerland finality released the possibility to have any time tournament. Which is great to connect the community across time zone.

This update also came with an update of how tie are handled. If the 2 teams are identical the result of the match is always a draw. This makes the game more fair, particularly for tournament.

Unfortunately it had a small side effect on real time tournament. For example you can check the qualifier turn of this tournament: https://steemmonsters.com/?p=tournament&id=6cb8659ee41575bccec1b18cbdafaec6cb95da50

This happened :


What was supposed to be a 3 matches round become a 30 matches rounds… That makes the qualification turn last 33 minutes (instead of 15). This is quite annoying for a real time tournament, where you need to wait for everybody to end their match.

How could it be solved ?

I think it would relatively easy to solve by fixing a max number of tie (Like max twice the planed number of matches).
Then 2 options are possible :

  • Declare victorious the player with the most victories
  • Declare both players victorious. If you got 4 tie in a raw it means you are playing well and deserve to move to next turn.

The second options my required to add a second qualification round for the following round to be power of 2 number of players.