A legendary in the daily rewards!

in #spt2 years ago

Ruler of the seas.jpg

Often you get only loisy cards when completing the daily quest! But today it was a complete different story! My third legendary pull in 2 days time! At the moment I do have 11 Ruler of the Seas.
The level 3, which is used by my main account is a combination of 5 cards. Than I have a level 2 leased out to my secondary account and leased out a level 1 Ruler of the Seas to a friend.
No I do have a spare Ruler of the Seas. Worth $3.91. I am doubting if I am going to sell it or keep it!
In the back of my mind I still have the plans to bring my summoners to level 7, which then can support a level 4 legendary! So, I will wait to put it on the marker! Each Ruler of the Seas, I will pull next will be sold!

Also decided to bring my Exploding Dwarf to level 8. I was 3 cards shy, and did purchase them on the market with DEC.
The question is which card should have the priority from now on. I am doubting between the Skeletal Assassin, Kobold miner or Goblin Shaman. Or should I try to bring my EPIC cards to a next level, which of course is more costly! Because most of the cards are bought with DEC, that could take a while!

Time will tell!



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