Bought 10 Beta booster packs on the market! This is what I got (yes a Legendary inside)!

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Well let's take a gamble. I am always doubting in which cards I am going to invest next. So I decided to buy 10 Beta booster packs on the market. I do know that for that 170 Steem I could upgrade one of my legendary cards to the next level. Or even bring a summoner towards level 7.
But I decided to take this road! The positive thing is that I can create a decent post with this!

I will be happy with 2 summoners, 1 gold, and 2 epics or better in the 50 cards I will open.

Pack 1

Not a bad start with immediately an extra summoner. Only the fire beetle is a card which is already at max gold level. So that was a bummer.
The total value of this pack is $1.04. Still 9 packs to recover the costs.

Pack 2

Mhh, the rare card I got was the Water Elemental, which this one has value my card is maxed out for the Gold Leagues.
Happy with the Kobold Miner and the Giant Roc, because I still need lots of them!
I almost never play with the Animated Corps so that why I am not investing in this card, but this one will push it further to level 7.
My Spineback Turtle is at level 7, so an extra one is welcome.
Not exactly the opening I was hoping on!
Value of this pack was only $0.5, bringing the total so far on $1.54

Pack 3

My first Epic in this opening and one which I still need. My own Defender of the truth was only at level 1 and with this one, it can power up to level 2, giving it an extra Magic attack point! Maybe it will be used more from now on.
The Feral spirit was recently powered up to level 7, so this is the first one on the road to level 8.
The same is applicable for the Sabre Shark.
With a value of $1.56 this pack have a much value as the 2 previous ones combined. So far the value of all 3 packs is $3.1.

Pack 4

The first pack which cards I already got with the Animated Corps and Grumpy!
But the Elven is a great card to get, one of the most expensive common cards. The enchanted pixie is also welcome.
With a value of $1.09 it isn't a bad opening, bringing the total to $4.19.
6 more packs to go for another summoner and an Epic or higher. So far it isn't great but not bad either!

Pack 5

That is more like it. Another Enchanted Pixie. And a second Epic with the Mermaid. The centaur is also an expensive common card.
My Mermaid is only at level 3 and this one brings it a little bit closer to level 4, 4 more of these beauty are needed.
The Divine healer is almost half way to level 8 at the moment. Step by step I am getting it there!
A great opening with a value of $2.47. More of those please.
Combined total $6.66.

5 more to go, still waiting for another summoner and a golden foil!

Pack 6

And my third epic. This time the serpent of the flame. Also an Epic which I still need to bring to level 5. Only 6 more needed.
My Haunted spirit is already at its max level, so probably it will be leased out to my second account.
With $1.84 still a great opening, bringing the total so far on $8.5.
Still 4 packs to go to cover up the losses!

Pack 7

After 2 great packs, this one is more or less a bummer. The centaur is great. The Clay Golem is my only rare cards in Life which is not on level 6, but there is a reason for that! I don't play it!
Value of the pack was $0.54, pushing the total to $9.04

Pack 8

Hola Paula! The third card started to shake before it revealed itself and we all know what this means! A Legendary, I was hoping on a Hydra or a spirit of the forest, but it was the Crypt Mancer. I didn't have this one yet!
This beauty has a value of $12.82, which is amazing. The problem is that at the moment it is useless for me! At level 1, I can't use it in the battles.
So probably it will be put on the market! I would need 4 more of those before it is useful!
Still great to get another Legendary!
Value of the pack $13.26, bringing me almost in the green with $22.3. With 2 more pack it will be a profitable gamble!

Pack 9

Another Summoner, this time Zintar popped up! Combined with the Cyclops this makes it a good enough pack!
Value $1.21, bringing my total in the green with $23.51. With at least one more rare card to go, I am already pretty happy! Now, let's see if the last pack also has a golden foil in it!

Pack 10

Well this wasn't a good pack, only happy with Medusa. But it adds value.
This one was only worth $0.52. But my total did exceed my expectations with $24.03.

Some cards could be powered up and some are brought closer to their end station.
If I would have sold cards on the market for 170 steem, I would had to make tough decisions.
To bad no Golden foils. Some cards can be leased out to my secondary account, which is playing in the Silver League. Still have to decide what to do with the Mancer. If I can sell it, I will get around 95 steem back, which will probably happen!

Will I do this again! For sure I will, maybe first buying some more Untamed packs! 8 so far are pre-ordered. Would be great to have 20 of those before we can open them!




Hey @fcb.spt, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

I’m upset I did not buy a starter set and beta.