Mazinger Z

in spt •  7 months ago 

The responsibility of the front line warrior is the greatest of all, there is a warrior that took this to an unparalleled limit. He was nicknamed Mazinger Z because of his resemblance to the robot that once lived in the dreams of many children. Not only does he endure the most ferocious attacks, but he punishes his powerful magical reflector shield, anyone who dares to attack him, his passion for being the first in the battle has no end, it is his longing and if he dies, he does it with a smile since his death represents the victory of his allies, there is no magic, or attack that can with its resistant fervor.

It is said that this warrior endured the unimaginable and survived, is loved and by all. While others fight from a distance, he faces the most ruthless enemies in front.

His greatest talent is watching enemies die, while his allies remain intact. Few are the ones who survive their encounter, although it seems incredible that their armor is always intact, regardless of the ferocity of the battle.

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