The corruption of the pegasus

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Many years ago the kingdom of Spliterlands passed through one of the most feared and deadly diseases. This evil does not affect adult beings, but it consumed young people quickly, it was never known with certainty if it was created by sects worshipers of darkness or it was simply a play of nature. What you do know, because it is recorded in the history books of the kingdom, is that when the disease was eradicated, thanks to one of the noblest sacrifices that nobody expected, the spirit of the forest, the father of the earth, gave all its essence to carry with it the evil that ravaged the earth, this caused a great uproar in the proud realm of life, it is said that both sides swore to face evil in case an alliance is necessary.

But the corpse of the father of the earth disappeared, it is said that a necromancer stole it, whatever his intentions should be stopped, the kingdom of the earth was in a duel, for the death of one of his demigods, they could not fight.

Everything was in the hands of the kingdom of life which sent an elite detachment to search for the necromancer, with such a heavy burden on his shoulders would not be far away, they followed his trails to the depths of a cave.


An experienced paladin directed the warriors, but even a veteran can feel fear, as his skin goes cold, he did not understand the reason for this strange feeling, but he went on his way without saying anything, he could not demoralize his men, besides They were still in the process of finding the necromancer. At the end of the cave a grim figure awaited them smiling and said: At last they arrive - The warriors of life attacked without giving quarters, but the paladin did not respond, he knew this figure, it was not strange, he was his mentor , in life he was known as Mancer. He gave the order to withdraw, but his troops refused. Was to fight or die there was no way to escape. CRYPT MANCER recognized his learning and with some satisfaction said: The student tries to overcome the teacher, it is a pity today you will die here and your blood will give life to my new creation. Mancer summoned his forces.

mancer final.jpg

But the young paladin was not intimidated, with courage and discipline he summoned his troops to confront his ex-master. Mancer could not believe what was happening. The troops of life had finished with their champion, a lord of darkness, battle was decided. With tears in his eyes, the paladin approached for the final blow to his master, but with a smile he said: You're late he's already alive. The paladin was shaken by a shuddering wind, Mancer had corrupted the very essence of the forest spirit. His figure was fatal, two large wings grew and gave off a great aura of evil which gave new strength to nearby troops.

real battle


Mancer mounted his steed and flew away. Now death had a new warrior one able to sail the skies and renew the strength of the tired.

The paladin did not return to the realm of life, it is said that he died from the wounds of combat or that he could not appear before his superior without fulfilling his mission.

final final.jpg

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