The death of the sacred unicorn

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For eons, the warriors of the white city have used the powerful unicorns as war horses, these beasts can fight without a rider and be an even worse adversary. But a strange disease attacked the unicorns, it does not affect the adults, but the young people died quickly, nor the most veteran healers could do anything before this devastating disease. The fate of the unicorn seemed to be extinction.

After a few years, hundreds remained, when in the past the prairies were dyed white before so many stallions. The pain and despair of losing this majestic creature of war caused the most outstanding priests to begin experimenting with the hope of being able to clone or create a new version of the unicorn immune to the disease, but their efforts were in vain. In a few months only a few remained. But from the forest appeared a young stallion who radiated light and told himself that this was the spirit of the forest. I was sad because of so much sacred blood shed. Then, in an act of piety, he sacrificed himself to eliminate the evil of the few that remained, maybe it was too late, but it was not like that, the unicorns that were born that year survived, but even so they became strange creatures, it could be say that some believed they were a myth, a legend or a legendary being.

From the death of the spirit of the forest, a black and fateful creature jumped the skies, it was said that his fury and strength were so great that, in its wake, the dragons that fell dead from heaven.


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