The return of the King

in spt •  7 months ago 

The kingdom of water is characterized by its powerful sorcerers. They use powerful sharks as transport or for attack, there was a legend about a crustacean which once led all the seas of the kingdom, it did not stand out in strength or power, but its curative and protective ability were enough to keep alive a battalion whole, but one day he left and did not come back. Some rumors say that I flee from the responsibility of carrying the whole kingdom, others that was defeated and devoured, by an ancient being that lurks in the seas, the kraken.

The war of the kingdoms had begun, even those who have great power need support, a squire capable of stoking their wounds or protecting their blind spots. That the king was alive was a necessity if he wanted to save the kingdom from destruction.

The war touched the coasts and the fiercest warriors of the sea came out to confront the looters, they came looking for the DEC energy that maintained life. The battle ended before it began, without their king they could not win, they touched the retreat or they could only see how the looters took their positions. Everything was lost until with a great fury the CRUSTACEAN KING appeared and cured the wounds of the tired, the weak protected them with a shield. His return does not mean victory, but now the water kingdom had a chance to win. He summoned his brothers, the legion of crustaceans and together they marched towards war.

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