The treasure of the dragon

in spt •  7 months ago 

A legend tells the story about a winged creature, which has been collecting gold and other precious gems for years, this legend is very alive due to the large amounts of goblins that hit the supposed treasure, it is very well known that the elves are attracted by the gold, they simply can not avoid trying to steal even if it is a coin.

Every day, foolish adventurers go into the caves, in search of treasure, they never return, with the beginning of the war, the money became so necessary that one of the anonymous king sent a group of elite warriors in search of the treasure.

They never saw each other again, but a bloody note was found which described the following: We have entered a kind of cave, we were attracted by an immeasurable brightness, no doubt we must see something valuable. The road has not been easy, the goblins stalk us incessantly, they are not worthy enemies, but their quantity makes them a nuisance, they do not let them rest, they attack at all times, it seems that instead of being seekers they were protective.

We are close to the brightness, but we have not seen gold or any valuable garment ... The note is not explained any more. It is only known that something devoured warriors. Something as bright as the most precious stone.

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