Bye Bye Beta - The Splinterlands Future Is At The Doorstep!

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By now pretty much everyone on the Steem blockchain must have seen the news, as hundreds of enthusiastic gamers, investors and simply curious spectators have shouted it from the rooftops: the 900,000 booster packs from the @Splinterlands Beta edition, which started about a year ago, has been sold out. The final 25,000 boosters were flying from the digital shelves.


When Moon?

Everyone is hoping for the one thing (actually, there are probably dozens of things people are waiting for when it comes to @splinterlands but let's focus here, ok?): That prices of both the remaining tokenized Beta booster packs will shoot into the sky. And that the single card prices from the Beta edition will also follow this trend and make the trading cards, we have all loved and used for the past year, much more desirable since they will never be printed again (except for the ~100k unopened packs that will slowly but steadily drip further cards into the market).


We can already see that Beta Booster tokens have jumped quite a bit on the Steem-Engine market. If we learned something from the Alpha edition, then that these tokens will continue to grow fewer and fewer, growing their prices higher and higher. Owning an Alpha token today is pure luxury and the same is likely about to happen to the Beta boosters - just give it some time.

The same is already true for a few of the single cards on the market, like the Minotaur Warrior, who was one of the cheapest cards of the edition and is now climbing to unseen heights. Other cards will probably take much longer to see this kind of growth but keep in mind that all these cards are deflationary and 505 single BCX (Base Card XP) is required to max one common card. With only 278 cards left on the market, this is going to be difficult and will further rise the cards value.


Splinterlands: Untamed - Soon(ish)

In a few weeks, the Kickstarter for the Untamed Edition, which will be the 1.0 version of the game, will begin. It will contain many physical gimmicks like books and stuff, but more importantly, the next set of cards. With 1.5 million booster packs, we are looking at another year or longer, to get your hands on them, until the next cycle begins. They will contain an entirely new and independent deck of cards, which will not require the old ones but will complement what we we already got.

New players will be able to rely solely on the Untamed set but can beef it up with the Alpha and Beta cards from the decentralized market. Nobody but the developers know yet how this will look like but we can expect to see similar ability cards and a few new powerful monsters, that will re-balance the game where it lacks strength right now. I just wrote a post about my wishes for the under-performing Death splinter the other day. Combining old and new cards will likely open up some entirely new META strategies for the game and create new dynamics.

As already indicated above, there is so much more we are waiting and hoping for, that the creative geniouses of Splinterlands are preparing for us. A mobile app, a crafting system, asynchronous tournaments, guild wars and boss monsters - the list is long and exciting. A little bit more patience from our side is required but we are getting there. It's gonna be LEGEN... wait for it ...DARY!

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greetings, @flauwy

excelent, man
when it will start?

I am current not selling any cards as such, not even "Rusty Android" and "Vampires".

I'm the only person in the world that doesn't get this game

That's a self-fulfilling prophecy. You can get much out of it even if you don't play it. But please don't take advise from me. That didn't work in your favor in the past.

Hahahaha. OMG. Well, haha great point my friend. Great point :)

Mwahaha, can't want to get some new minions!!!

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Wait hang on, we can combine Alpha and Beta cards??