Steemmonsters: investment round


Well my goal is to have all my summoners on Level 6 and the monster to the max level these summoners can support. There are of course 2 ways of increasing your deck. The smartest way, which is just buying the cards at the market, or the gambling way which is to buy Booster packs!

What did I?

As my name suggest I did go for the Booster Pack way! Last week I did pull a legendary summoner which I have sold for 154 steem. Which could make it worthwhile.

I did puchase 20 Beta pack via Steem-engine for a total cost of $32.96. I doubt it that I will get it out of it but let's see.

I will list the card element per element.


Fire is the first element in the list, so let's start with this one. I do like to play with fire. Euhm only on steemmonsters.


CardRarityNumber of cardsValue per cardTotal value
Goblin ShamanCommon50.050.25
Giant RocCommon40.040.16
Fire BeetleCommon20.040.08
Malric InfernoRare30.631.89
Golden Foil Malric InfernoRare16.926.92
Serpentine SoldierRare10.110.11
Pit OgreRare10.070.07
Talia FirestormEpic20.791.58

So a total value of $11.3. I doubt it that another element will be able to beat this.
Extremely happy with the Golden Foil Malric Inferno, only I have no idea what I am going to do with it yet. At the moment it is only at level 3 and I do want to have my summoner at level 6. I would need 6 moe of these, to be able to use it. So probably it will be put up for sale.

Also no idea what I will do with Talia. I do need another to have here at level 4, but then it still is below the level 5 of the regular Malric. And still at level 3, I wont be able to use the full force of my monsters :(

Still very happy with the fire pull.


One of my favorite decks. Here I am mostly hoping on some Alrics.

CardRarityNumber of cardsValue per cardTotal value
Pirate CaptainCommon20.080.16
Spineback TurtleCommon10.090.09
Crustecean KingCommon70.140.98
Sabre SharkCommon30.10.3
Frozen SoldierRare10.10.1
Naga WarriorEpic11.141.14

So the total value of the Water cards is $3.08. Enough fire cards but another Naga would have been great, she is now 1 card shy of level 3 which would give her an extra life.
Also happy with the Medusa, only 2 more are needed to bring here to level 5.
So overall not a bad water pull but it could have been better.


Well earth is/was my weakest element. The reason is that Lyanna is only at level 4. Level 5 is needed to be able to battle out the daily quests with Earth. Let's see if I got lucky.


CardRarityNumber of cardsValue per cardTotal value
Flesh GolemCommon40.210.84
Goblin SorcererCommon20.070.14
Minotaur WarriorCommon40.040.16
Lyanna NaturaRare20.711.42
Stone GolemRare10.090.09
Stonesplitter OrcRare40.090.36
Swamp ThingEpic10.960.96

So a combined value of $4.03. But which is more important is that Lyanna is finally at level 5. She is not afraid another more to visit the other summoners of my deck because she is now of equal strenght.
Now I can start leveling up my monsters.
Also happy with the Swampy. He is now a proud level 3, too bad this gives him onlu 1 extra life!


Long time my favorite element, probably because it was my stronghest element.
No special wishes here!

CardRarityNumber of cardsValue per cardTotal value
Divine HealerCommon10.070.07
Silvershield knightCommon40.040.16
silvershield WarriorCommon20.040.08
Tyrus PaladiumRare10.820.82
Kiara LightbringerEpic10.750.75

Happy with the Tyrus, but for the rest nothing special. Most cards are used to bring them closer to the next level. No idea what I will do with Kiara. I do have 2 of those now, but it would only lift here to level 2.
Also the combined value is below par with only $2.06


The more I play the more I like the death deck.

CardRarityNumber of cardsValue per cardTotal value
Animated CorpsCommon10.030.03
Haunted SpiderCommon60.040.24
Spineback WolfCommon30.030.09
Skeleton AssassinCommon30.080.24
Zintar MortalisRare10.570.57
Twisted JesterRare10.280.28
Undead PriestRare20.120.24

Total value only $1.69. By far the weakest pull. I am happy with the twisted jester and of course another Zintar but for the rest nothing special under the sun!


Last but not least. These cards can be used with any summoner if the rules allow it!

CardRarityNumber of cardsValue per cardTotal value
Peacefull GiantCommon40.120.48
Grumpy DwarfCommon10.070.07
Golden Foil Grumpy DwarfCommon10.960.96
Elven CutthroatCommon30.551.65
CyclopsRare1 0.150.15
Enchanted PixieEpic10.50.5

Second best pull with a total value of $5.61.
Happy with the Elvens, only one more needed to get him up to level 6. Also the Cocatrices were usefull because it is now at level 4.


Well the combined value is maybe only $27.77 but I am still happy with some cards. Okay it could have been better and probably bying the above cards on the market would have been cheaper. But I like to gamble and it is always a thrill to turn the cards around!
To bad, no card did shake before revealing itself!

Will I do this again! Hell yes, probably sooner than later!



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Haha .... that feeling opening the cards is worth it :)
I have a similar dilemma recently .... 100$ ... what to do, buy what I need or buy packs. In the end I went for 50/50. Lucky there was one card that was worth around 30$ in the packs so I think I even made a small profit on the packs.

I'm a little careful about buying packs on Steem-Engine. I'm buying them fresh out of the oven. I think that there was some chitchat that in the early days it was possible to have a sneak behind the packs :) ....and if you dont like what you find put it on the market..... later they made them to open directly on the blockchain.... All speculations :)


I do think that the new way of revealing the cards did eleminate the possibility to see the pack before opening. I do buy them on SE due to the lower price. And got some decent cards out of it!


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This was a really nice rundown of what you got. I like the feeling of gambling a little more than messing around in the market as well. There is just something more exciting about it. I've had a couple good pulls in the past ,but for the most part I never seem to get anything really special. If the price of STEEM wasn't so low I might buy some packs myself.


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I keep reading posts on these pack openings and it makes me want to buy a bunch as they run out of supply. I think I will give it a try with some potions again!

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