Splinterlands Translated + New Rule of Combat

in #sptlast year

I've started to play Splinterlands and noticed two new things.

First and the most important is that Splinterlands interface is now multilingual, with the possibility to select a different language from the top-right.

Right now the alternative languages to English are Korean and two Chinese dialects, I think. I heard they were the cornerstone, after which many other translations could be easily added.

One small issue I noticed with the translation. On the Battle Log, the type of battle is in English (for example, "Ranked"), regardless of the selected language. Maybe it's technically difficult to add multilingual support there, I'm not sure. I didn't dig any deeper, I just noticed.

The other new thing I was facing was a new rule of combat. Splinterlands team is very ingenious in finding all sort of combinations. Here's the new one: