SPLINTERLANDS Art Contest! | Week 58 | Zodiac Monster: "Aquarius"

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Each Splinterlands monster is subject to the powers of the zodiac signs ...


¡Hiii! Another participation in this Art contest by: @steemmonsters (splinterlands), I hope you like it!

And as I promised, I returned with the zodiac signs of @splinterlands, here I have the other character that gives life to Aquarius. What sign are you?

cola de gato.gif


One of the first steps was to establish the color palette of this illustration.

At first I wanted to paint the skin of the woman of another color, but after several failed attempts I stayed with the dark yellow. It makes me very similar to the color of the Simpsoms haha.

Here the perspective or pose of this zodiac sign changes a lot, because in almost all the reference images I looked for, it was a woman emptying a jug with water.

Here it happens differently, because the vase floats and the water that emanates in this way the long hair of the woman's waterfall.

For this part I was already taking more form.

He had raised certain shadows and colorations on the body, as a way of guiding the final result. What made me more difficult was the hair and the foam of this one, I had to make all that look good, because it was what most caught my attention.

For a moment I thought about painting the water of another color, like a green, mint or turquoise, but that made it look like the water looked like a swamp or was dirty ... so I left it in blue.

Then I added the little details, like the lines, the foam, little shadows over here, little shadows over there.

One of the parts I like most to illustrate is this, when I have to make the final details and once it is ready.

If you have not noticed, it has gems instead of eyes and do not be surprised because I love this very much and in most of my illustrations I have been doing it, in addition to other things.

These little details help me find my own style as a digital illustrator.

cola de gato.gif


cola de gato.gif

How are you? You like me?

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Greetings to all! Have a nice day / afternoon / night 💝

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Another amazing piece of art! I love these Splinterlands inspired zodiac signs!