Splinterlands Fantasy Story and Music Contest // Semana 17 // A love that corrodes the soul!

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Can love be forced? Lord Arianthus thinks it can!


Hello! This time I come to participate in the contest of music and fantasy stories of @splinterlands. Hope you like!

A love that corrodes the soul


In a galaxy far away, a being flew from one place to another, with no fixed direction. Lord Arianthus slept peacefully in the vastness of the universe within his spaceship, surrounded by stars of infinite brightness. He did nothing but sleep and sleep, because very few things in the universe cared enough to keep him awake.

Until a voice came to his ears, almost imperceptible, far away.

And he woke up, feeling that something was stirring through his whole being, with a vibration he had never felt. He decided to travel thousands and thousands of light years at incredible speed, until he located that beautiful voice: it came from the earth. He approached this, it was a planet that in the past did not interest him, but that thanks to that voice, he wanted to find out where and from whom it came.

He landed his spaceship on a large mountain, almost touching the skies and from there he saw all around him. A group of "Creeping Ooze" moved him to the forest, very close to a town. Each time the voice grew louder. When he finally reached that melodious voice, he found that it came from a beautiful human. And he understood that this vibration in his whole being: it was love.

For many days he watched them, from afar, in the dark. Every afternoon I waited for her in the same place, where she settled to sing and write her songs. Hidden, because I felt I could scare her. Until she spoke.

-I see that you really like to hear me sing ... Every afternoon I come here to compose, you are listening to me. Why don't you come here?

Lord Arianthus, hesitantly, came out and the girl's expression was terrified when she saw him.

-You are ... you are the legendary Lord Arianthus! I thought you were just a myth.

-I'm not a myth, I was always alive, but there is no reason to show me to everyone. Your voice has enamored me ... I want to take you to my ship! There you can sing to me as long as you want for me.

Young Bard, nervous about that almost obligatory proposal, told her she couldn't. Even knowing that it was a being that could destroy everything if he wanted to, and she was only a woman learning music. He began to collect his things and gradually moved away, saying goodbye nervously. Lord Arianthus had smelled fear in her, and that to him was the most abhorrent smell ... For he knew that his ugliness inspired that.

-Do not be afraid of me. I'm not as bad as many say, come and you'll be much better.

The young Bard starts running, but at the moment she is caught in the slug of the "Creeping Ooze". Those who return it to Lord Arianthus, going back to the top of the mountain where he has his ship.


For a long time she did not speak, did not look at him, nor did he respond. That only made things worse, but Lord Arianthus hated to feel rejected, because his superiority complex was hurt. He forced her to sing and she in a trembling voice did it.

/Morning sun/
/ with your glowing light /
Release those tears /
/ what do you have in your mind .../

-I don't like it… I don't like it, ”shouted Lord Arianthus. There is no vibration in my body! You're doing it wrong…

-"I…" whispered the young Bard. My inspiration comes from my mood, I'm sorry. You ... you inspire me fear and I can't sing.

-Is that what humans call you Love ? Then love me. Love me, I need you to do it. I had never felt this vibration in my body when I see you and more when I hear you sing. I feel more alive than ever when you do. So I will not miss the opportunity, love me!

-It doesn't work like this ... Love doesn't work like that, it doesn't force itself.

-Well, I am the great Arianthus and I can have whatever I want by my power.

"No," said Young Bard, "for my heart belongs to another man in my town."

Lord Arianthus, who had the joy of reading the mind, observed the man she was in love with, he was a young warrior, with a beautiful complexion. He sent a group of "Creeping Ooze" to kidnap him and bring him there. While another group of the same, they took the beautiful Bard to a special cell for her.


The "Creeping Ooze" open the door and bring a young man tied up, he was "Armorsmith", he is extremely scared. In the middle of the room, a light comes on and sees a great being almost 3 meters tall, Lord Arianthus looked at him with seriousness and superiority, just like the look of a human on the ants.

"So it's you," said the words Lord Arianthus, "what's so special?"

-I ... Where am I? I was in the forest hunting and ... Who are you? What do I do here?

Lord Arianthus sent the "Creepind Ooze" to take young Bard out of the cell, who, scared to find the person he loved secretly there, began to cry. He hugged him and cried in his arms.

-Bard! Everyone was looking for you ... did he capture you? What do you want from us?

"The only thing that matters here," Lord Atianthus said, "is that you are her true love." Now, how can I detach that bond of love?

Amorsmith was surprised when he heard from Lord Arianthus, that he was the owner of young Bard's heart.

-Have you been in love with me?

The young Bard blushed instantly, but took enough courage to confirm it. He told her that he had been in love with him since childhood, and that his muse and songs came from that love he had. Armorsmith, blushing and deeply satisfied, confesses that he was also in love with her, but that he had not told her because he thought he would never love him.

Faced with this love confession, Lord Arianthus, full of zeal and anger, sends Armorsmith to lock up in the cell. The Creeping Ooze detach him from Bard's arms and carry him away, locking him in a large dark prison with a foul odor, where all kinds of sounds were heard.

"I'm sorry," Lord Arianthus confessed, "I have to tie up all the loose ends so that you love me and this is the only way."

The young Bard did not understand what happened, until she heard, from the cell a roar of underworld that made her soul shiver. Inside, accompanied by Armorsmith in the cell, was the most fearsome monster.

... what was heard next were torn screams and broken bones.

-See, my beloved? Now it doesn't exist, it's just me. I am the only one you must love.

The young Bard, in front of that situation is in shock and faints ... losing herself in her conscience and pain.


A human who saw the rapture of Armorsmith, chased him to the place where they had him. When he learned of that ship on the mountain, he returned to let SilverShield Paladin know that a warrior had been kidnapped there and that his missing daughter is probably there.

The paladin, faced with that possibility, was glad and filled with anger in turn. He sent to prepare his troop because a war was approaching.

They set off for the top of the mountain.

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This is a story that consists of three chapters!

  • A love that corrodes the soul
  • A dangerous crusade
  • The black earth tremor

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