Advanced in ranking and daily rewards

in spt •  8 months ago 

Today I had the life splinter for my daily quest and I tried some different combinations than what I normally play. I completed my daily quest fairly quickly and advanced in ranking to Gold II which I was excited about because most people have got larger level decks than my level 3 summoners. I got these cards as my rewards.
I like the windmaster but was hoping for some more gold cards.

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beasty - i made it to gold 3

i have one lvl 4(fire) and one lvl 5(death) summoner

the rest are only lvl 3

i seem to do best with life or water splinter

i'm starting to figure out how to use the chicken (when i actually remember to use it LOL)

I don't use the chicken that often as mine is a level 1 with No attack. I use the lord A a lot. I like the water and life splinter the most. I have 3 golden legendary which are level 2. The unicorn, RoTS and Lord A. When I play life I also have a gold foil armorsmith I use because the armor heal every turn is nice and it has a melee attack.

my gold unicorn is my fav card ;) prolly because it's worth 75k $dec if i wanted to dump it LOL

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