Daily Quest rewards and 14th in a tournament today

in #spt10 months ago

Today I had the earth splinter for my daily quest. I am not the biggest fan of that splinter. It took me a little longer then I was hoping to finish my quest. Afterwards I got these rewards:
I also entered a gold foil bronze tournament today.
My first round was a pass.
My second round:
I beat @freedomfighter4
My third round:
I beat my friend @kaisergunzz

My fourth round I lost to @agami-heron
I finished 14th in the tournament out of 75.
14th is the highest I have every ranked before so I am pretty excited about that and I also got 1500 DEC which is cool too!

I learned a lesson from @agami-heron in this battle.
I learned to count the health of my tank in the back to basics matched and use the gentle giant instead of a spineback.I had no chicken so they still would have won but this is a great strategy to use moving forward. Overall it was a great experience for me.


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