Steem monsters thorns contest

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SteemMonsters is hosting a contest about thorns. You can read more about it here.
I only own one card high that is leveled high enough to use thorns. That would be my spineback turtle.
I normally prefer my Lord A or Sea Monster as my tank in the water splinter but I cam across a ruleset that made both not really a good option today.
With a low mana threshold and no legendaries it was a toss up between the sea monster and spineback. I eventually choose the spineback because of the lower mana cost and my opponent had been playing the death splinter and thorns are not affected by the -1 melee of zintar.
I ended up winning the battle because the thorns took care of the tanks for me and my water elemental kept healing itself.
Here is the line up.
I will definitely use the spineback and it's mighty thorns again.
Here is the original battle in all it's glory

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