SplinterLands LIVE Battle With Monster RUSTY ANDROID & Strategy Discussion -- DECs BurN - Yes oR No...

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Hi Dear - SplinterMates,

For this week's Battle Share Contest Organized by the SplinterLands Team; details can be found @ Weekly Splinterlands Battle Share:: For this week challenge, we have Neutral Monster who is named as RUSTY ANDROID to be explored.


In this Vlog post; I'll be discussing some of the high-level pointers like::-

  • RUSTY ANDROID Neutral Monster card level discussion, stats, and how I am stack with the monster card SCALE DOCTOR Lucky me having 8 Gold Cards of RUSTY ANDROID & 121 Normal foil cards to spare.


I normally don't prefer selling the cards and hence these numbers. One question that would come to the mind:: then why not Max the RUSTY ANDROID card. That's a good question and I'll be answering the same in the Vlog. If you are in a rush then let me tell you that; I didn't find it worth to combine 200 Cards to just get an extra health. Hence left this neutral monster at level 9 and its pretty good at this level as well.


RUSTY ANDROID Card ROI --DECs -- Burn -- Value

At level 9 this card is worth close to $6. Individual card cost around $0.02 i.e. 2 cents. Burning a individual card get you around 15 DECs. And I've another 121 cards to spare. Assuming, if I burn my extra 121 RUSTY ANDROID cards this will get me close to 121*15 = 1815 DECs


Swaping these 1815 DECs with swap.HIVE will give me close to 11+HIVE. But being a big FAN of these Neutral Monster Cards am not selling them for that reason. I do have a feeling that these cards will definitely rise in price when compared to the other monster cards. So my recommendation is that Keep on stacking the Monster cards that have a Neutral tag associated to iT.

The other fact is that till date I didn't play any battle with RUSTY ANDROID GOLD card. Thought, I did have some battles played with the Normal foil card at; which is at level 9.

  • Gameplay & Strategy discussed in detailed & the ROI of the Card

Splinterlands Your Battle Challenge 2.gif

Watch the LIVE Battle on LBRY.tv

  • Battle Results & How Often I use this Neutral Monster card RUSTY ANDROID

  • A final note to keep things simple. The Magic reflect ability speaks for itself and this comes in very handy at the time when your opponent chooses to fight with monsters having Magic ability. Also Neutral Monsters can be played in any battle apart from the rule that says Neutral Monster's cannot be used.

Did my Strategy work, Did I WIN or Loose. Was it a wise decision to have this ANDROID played at level 9 and not MAXing iT? Check & Explore in the VLOG.

In the Vlog I answers to all the above questions; In a new way of LIVE Share Your Battle Challenge:: With the Neutral Monster RUSTY ANDROID | Live Battle & Strategy Discussed.

Best Regards

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See You @ The Battle Field - May the POWERS be with You!!

Cheers & Thank You!!!

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I don't usually use this card but it seems that my could have an essential use on the battlefield.