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RE: State of the Splinterlands community + third party DEC update

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I agree with most of the things you said (especially the lower levels need some urgent changes) but not with the Delwyn and card adjustment part.
The devs always put a disclaimer in their posts that cards may or may not be changed according to how they perform in game statistics.
Other TCGs solve the "card gets too powerful" problem by placing it on a forbidden card list. As a consequence the card turns useless and you could just as well throw it away from a playing aspect. I prefer rebalancing updates over this practise.


It was officially stated "delwyn would be the only non-water summoner with a magic buff", so yeah, I think it's worth a rant.

I prefer rebalancing updates over this practise.

I don't think a mystery rewards grand prize card like Archmage or Prince will ever be a part of a list like that.