"SPLINTERLANDS" Art Contest | Week 62 | FANART "NAGA FIRE WIZARD" | @heyjess

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Guys this time I wanted to participate in the contest of SPLINTERLANDS, since I'm new to this World of Steem Monster, yes ... I'm new and I'm already a game addict and everything related to he. So much is my fanaticism, that's why I wanted to participate in the contest.

Original of @heyjess

separador heyjess.jpg


This character caught my attention too much, I don't know ... All empowered and super diva hahaha ... And I wanted to do it in my drawing style, I must say that I am not very skilled in working with color, I am just entering in this world, but for this fanart, I should do it.

This character is of fire, to be honest, the splinter´s of fire are not my favorites, not because I do not like them, but because I am not very fan of this element, I am more fan of the stinter´ s of water ... But as I told you, this character fell in love as soon as I saw him.

I started making a basic sketch in my sketchbook and then I started using the tempera, to give it color, then I continued with the details with the colored pencils ...

... and so it was the fanart of my beautiful 🔥 "NAGA FIRE WIZARD" 🔥.

separador heyjess.jpg

✨Final work✨


Original of @heyjess

separador heyjess.jpg




separador heyjess.jpg

🔥Process Summary🔥

separador heyjess.jpg

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Thank you for entering, leave me your comment of what you think about the drawing, I will be reading it.

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Really nice coloring. :)


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Great job! Keep it up!

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