SPLINTERLANDS Art Contest | Week 75 | FANART "JAVELIN THROWER" | @heyjess

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Guys ... I participate again in the contest of SPLINTERLANDS. This time I come to make a fanart of an earth splinter. He had previously done a death splinter, very well ... I hope you like it! ...

Original of @heyjess

separador heyjess.jpg


For this week I wanted to participate with a JAVELIN THROWER fanart, it makes me such a beautiful character. Although it is a splinter that I do not use often, I wanted to draw it and well, it was what I did for this week.

I started by sketching on a yellow cardboard. I wanted to make the drawing on that card, since the character as a whole is green and having a yellow background, I was going to contrast the work a lot.

To continue with the drawing, once I had the sketch, I started working with the color, starting with light colors, and then ending with darker colors, which would be the shadows in it. Finally, I only had to make the final lines in the drawing to give it a body, and that would be all.

separador heyjess.jpg

⚫Final Work⚫


Original of @heyjess

separador heyjess.jpg




separador heyjess.jpg

💜Process Summary💜

separador heyjess.jpg

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Thank you for entering, leave me your comment of what you think about the drawing, I will be reading it.

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Good art! I believe that your post is undervalued and deserves a reward. I added it to the list of underappreciated posts.


Very interesting work, mate! Great lines!

Nice of you sharing this painting, @daio-kriss!

Thank u ❤