My steemmonsters journey

in #sptlast year

Being a while I wrote about steemmonsters but we have seen a lot of positive changes on the platform after the just concluded season.This season I reached a huge milestone that I have never achieved in all my time spent on the site.My seasonal finish line used to be gold III always and forever since I started playing and then I moved to DIII to DII and finally to DI.

It feels super amazing to finish strong after a lot of hard work and stress with burnt ECR.I got to Diamond I and it feels awesome.Especially when I wanted to claim my 6o card reward.Even though they came in dry skulls lol.It feels awesome been rewarded for a job that takes a lot of your time and skill and in my case which is zero skill.


The last season came with a lot of expectations for players like me.We were busy trying to upgrade our cards and also sourcing for funds to secure the untamed bag.I was able to pledge the $205 own and got lost of goodies.It feels good to be at the forefront of a new innovation.Steemmonsters is not only a game but also an investment portfolios to those who are willing to invest wisely and truthfully.

I had some potions remaining from unveiling my untamed pack and was able to put it into use for the season reward revelation.I got some gold foils, epic and rare cards.

sm 1.PNG

sm 2.PNG

With the new cards I have been on a standstill due to the fact that I am still trying to test the ability of the cards I own and to see the ones that a good for use and the ones to be neutralised.Steemmonsters is opening new doors for us on the daily, hopefully I will start getting my reward soon.
A huge big ups to the team behind this awesome project and also to the ones who bought into this dream gae.We shall all get there by making it big on the way.