After Ages..

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Hello Everybody,

Hope you all are okay. It seems I almost forgot about playing my accounts. I played for 10 minutes today after ages. And, I observed that my accounts aren't being played by my player whom I delegated and I didn't even take notice because I was hell busy nowadays. Well, he played one of the accounts and completed this reward from there which shows 4 common cards.

I won't complain about rewards anymore because you can't beat your sleepy luck. My luck even not working in trading these days that's why I am looking at all of the accounts but I'm helpless for not playing. I don't feel like playing anymore.

The reward claimed by this account today...


...what kinda reward is this? Did you guys get something good from the daily reward or such crap like me? Share your details in the comment section below if you want to..

~ Adios


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I remember playing steem monster on steemit back then but later left it for to academic activities.
By the time I return back to the game,I was just forced to clear all my cards for sale because I have lost interest in it

Good to know that you are also an SM player!!
How is everything going on SM?

Yeah it has been long I play it last. It was time demanding for me and gettinge addicted to it so I stop playing it

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