Serpentine Spy: An Opportunist Monster

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Hello Fellas,

We got another weekly challenge to write on which is a Serpentine Spy card from an Untamed edition. If you wanna participate in this challenge then you are free to join to win upvote.


Serpentine Spy looks like a fish with an opportunity ability. I believe this card could be used in any of the battles if you are playing with Fire splinter. It has an arrow in hands which is used to give damage to the opponent weak monster first. Got a minimal armor to kill the monsters as they don't carry a lot that can be hidden. Pretty fast with good speed.

Opportunist monsters always target the weak health monster first so Serpentine Spy got this amazing ability to target the weak health monsters at a very good speed.

Serpentine Spy got Poison at Max level that is too good to give automatic damage if that hitter monster got infected by poison. I haven't tested it yet as I have only LVL 4 Spy.

⚔️ MY ENTRY ⚔️

I don't frequently play with fire deck because I consider it too weak compared to other monsters so I played this battle for only this challenge and I enjoyed it with Serpentine Spy. The battle was played with

and 18 Mana Cap.

Link to Battle ⚔️

Serpentine Spy is undoubtedly a pretty awesome card with an opportunity ability. It suits well when you don't have to use sneak or snipe monsters in the battle where this cutie will help to damage the opponent's monsters. I used in an odd ruleset as I think it can be fit in any of the rulesets so don't need to think before using.


Why I Choose this Lineup?

LVL 4 Camila Sungazer is being used as a summoner to reduce the melee of the opponent team so it is opposite of the Daria Dragonscale. She is a blind beauty. I liked that it carries only 3 Mana that's why it is convenient to use in any mana cap because most of the summoners carry 3 mana. I used this dragon summoner to its reducing melee ability because there was a solid chance to use melee monsters instead of ranged ones as most of the people don't follow rules in upper leagues.

LVL 6 Cerberus fits really well in such low mana battles and I found it good to use as a tank according to the given mana cap. I mostly use self-healing monsters as a tank so it won't die prior to the game-ending. Also, its retaliate ability surpassed the opponents' monsters sometimes. There could be a higher chance to retaliate to the reach ability monsters if the opponent used in the battle.

LVL 5 Manticore is a perfect card to use as a reach monster in the dragon battles. The reason I used is it carries a low mana cap along with 2 amazing abilities that are Thorn and Reachability. Moreover, it has got nice health and speed to hit the tank very well. I always enjoy it as a second position.

LVL 4 Serpentine Spy got a very nice ability to hit the weak health monsters in the game. I always put the opportunity monsters in the middle of the team so it won't die early. This card got some really good attention since its launching this is why it is high in price if you buy it in gold foil. It carries a good speed and 2 Melee at LVL 4 so most probably it attacks first among the low-speed monsters. Though my opponent used Tyrus so it hots the armor first and kills the health of the Bard as it had low health comparatively rest of the monsters. This is how my opponent lost Bard which was giving a speed boost. I liked the way Serpentine attack from any position.

LVL 5 Fire Demon is an epic card with blast ability. There was a Close Ranged ruleset so I preferred to use it at this position. It got a nice health and blast ability which not only hit the tank but the second position holder monster as well. I thought it could take place of the tank later on but it got killed by the melee sneaky monsters of the opponent. Still managed to win amazingly.

LVL 3 Furious Chickencould be used in any of the battles at the end position or as a tank depends on the players. I normally put it in the last so it takes damage first. And, it happened that's how one attack got missed.

Did this Strategy work out well?

Yeah!! It worked out very well as you can watch the battle by yourself where Serpentine Spy killed most of the monsters of the enemy team. My opponent used almost the max team against my poor cards but still managed to win very well because of the enemy team lack off the tank healer. What if the opponent team took the tank healer then I might be lost to some extent. Well, the happiness is I won against such a team otherwise it is pretty hard to kill the Tyrus team with Fire splinter.


Do you use the Serpentine Spy often?

No, I don't use it frequently but loved to use such opportunity monsters. I believe such monsters are very helpful in the Lose Sneak and Snipe rulesets as we can't use the sneaky monster in that battle where it shows magic if you observe.


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