Splinterlands Art Contest - Gremlin Blaster

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Hey Community,

It is glad to take part in the steemmonsters art contest first time! Well, I personally do play often in Splinterland. What has caught my attention is Gremlin Blaster as it became the topic of being "overpowered" in the game. Well, it really does. Without further ado, let's see how my monster being finished drawn!

Firstly, I draw its head and the firework out.




Drawing out the blasting fire by drafting a circle out!


Followed by drawing out its legs and body


Next, I added a bunch of TNT to its left hand! LOL


After that, I draw out the gas tank and oil barrel instead of the matches tied to its tail.


Last but not least, filling up the draft with pink and orange color, and some grey shading with pencil too!



Last word

Thanks for dropping by my post! I hope you enjoy it! Have a nice day!


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