Another untamed pack

in #spt4 months ago


Good day!

I really feel good! Yesterday or maybe the day before yesterday I got an untamed pack in daily quest reward. But I forgot about it and opened the pack just now. And I was super happy because it wasn't so bad!

I got 1 gold foil card and one rare card! Yes, it is not a legendary card, but it is still very nice card...

I am thinking to buy my first dice...But I am not sure yet... :)

Despite on all changes that I don't like much @splinterlands is still one of my favourite games in blockchain. It is easy to play and it is still full of fun. Also, there are so many nice people who motivate me and who teach me. And of course, my guild members who always support me!

So if you still don't know what is Splinterlands and you don't play it, why don't to start to do it now?!

Good luck! Have a nice day!