Splinterlands. 5 Untamed Packs!

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Hello Everyone!


Okey, I opened my last 5 packs that I bought last time before the airdrop. Definitely, the first 7 packs were better. But anyways I got at least 1 summoner. I really like summoners.

I received 6 rare cards, but no rare, gold, or legendary card... Sadness...

These days I am rearranging my cards. I am selling double cards. I started to be active in tournaments too. Because I want to save more DECs.

I want to save more DECs and invest them into new card packs or just cards. I want to strengthen my teams.

I didn't play much for the past few months because I was busy and didn't have much time. But now I am trying to get back to the game. Mostly it is because of my guild. It is really important to be belong to the team where people support and motivate each other :)

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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Yay! 🤗
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