Splinterlands. Another legendary card to my collection!

in #sptlast month

Good morning!

I am so busy these days and I don't even know how fast has March passed. It is already mid of Spring! Can you believe it?!

I didn't share any news about my splinterlands progress for a looooong time. But it doesn't mean that I don't play it. Of course, I don't play it as much as I wish and as much I used to do it before. But I do all daily quests! It is like my must-do daily routine!


I was so busy s I even forgot that I have 3 packs from daily quest rewards. So I finally opened them and look! I think it is not bad! I got 1 more legendary card and now I have one more summoner in my collection!

Last March season is almost over and I can't wait to see my season rewards. If I am lucky enough and if I have more free time maybe I will finish that season on D2 league, if not then I will stop at D3. That is not bad too :)

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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Nice card. I don't have this card but I do think its a fairly good card. I think a certain legendary card combined with that summoner is a good combo.

@jfang003 yeah. It was a part of one of the collections. I played with that card before when one of the guild members leased it to me. And I loved it.

Yay! 🤗
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