Splinterlands. Hello Champion II League!

in #spt10 months ago

Good day everyone!

How is your day?

Just about 2 days left till the season end. And you know what... I did it! I reached Champion II league! I still can't believe!


I know that my cards are super weak for the Champion league, but I did it.

A few times I was missing 3-5 points till Champion II and I was losing the next battle. But at the end I was lucky and I won!

Now I can't wait to get my 120 reward slots!

If you don't play Splinterlands yet, hurry up and join it now! And get your first season rewards just in 5 days!

Btw, there is a new telegram group: https://t.me/splinterlandsHQ

Thank you! Good luck!



Congratulation!!! Great! I'm proud of you!!!

Thank you! I hope you will reach Champion league soon too!❤️

Very fast, I think. : ))) Maybe for next time. 😋😍🤩

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