Splinterlands. Season Rewards and Unpacking

in #spt9 months ago

Good day everyone!

I didn't have much time to play splinterlands last season, but I was lucky enough to reach Champion 2 league again in the last few hours.

Actually, I was about to give up and to stay on the Champion 3 league. But you know the difference between rewards of Champion 3 and Champion 2. 40 more reward slots!

And here we go...



I got a couple of untamed packs and opened them right away. And look what I got!


What about you?

This season I decided to challenge myself and to try to go to the top...too the Champion 1 league!

Wish a good luck to me!

Good luck everyone!

If you don't play Splinterlands yet, hurry up and join it now! And get your first season rewards just in 5 days!

A new official telegram group: https://t.me/splinterlandsHQ

Thank you! Good luck!



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