Splinterlands. YODIN ZAKU!!! Lucky 5 packs!

in #spt27 days ago

Hello Everyone!


Today I opened 5 more untamed packs that I bought before the last airdrop! And look what I got!


3 summoners in 5packs... I think it was a great deal!

Peakmonsters says Total value of 5 packs: List $38.96 Market $38.62 So in terms of money it is a really good deal, don't you think so?

If be honest, I was dreaming about YODIN ZAKU but I was too greedy to spend decs and to buy it xD I was jealous of my opponents when they played with that card...Now someone will feel the same when he/she will play with me haha

Good luck! Have a nice day!

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Yay! 🤗
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