SPT Giveaway #1. Get a Free Card

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Hello, Splinterlanders!


As I told you yesterday, I want to make a lot of new and helpful things this year. And I decided to host my own giveaways in only 2 games Rising Star and Splinterlands which I like and play on Hive blockchain! Maybe there are other good games here, but I don't know.

Today I announce my first giveaway related to the Splinterlands game! @Splinterlands was the first blockchain game that I started to play here. And I met a lot of awesome people!

Therefore, I want to see more people playing these games. And I just hope you will like and support my idea of giveaway! :)

The rules are very easy

  1. Join Splinterlands Game, if you didn't do it yet

  2. Follow me on Instagram and Twitter

  3. Comment your IG and Twitter ID! And Tag one of your friends!


  • A Week from this giveaway's post. Just before I receive the Payout.


The first card to go!


Upvote and repost are not obligatory but highly appreciated!

Good luck! Have a nice day!

Participate in my Rising Star Game Giveaway too!

If you don't play Splinterlands yet, try it now and win a free card or earn DEC tokens.

If you don't play Rising Star yet, try it now and win a free card or earn STARBIT tokens.

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