The Pirates of Azmare // Official Music for Splinterlands

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You must clicky da pic to hear it

Ag gave me a list of "scenarios" in which he needs music.
I can't seem to sit down with an intention in mind and create from that perspective.
Like, I can't say, "ok I'm going to write Forest music now or Volcano music."
Is this because I suck?
But it's more fun for me to just start creating stuff and then see where it leads.
After I have a rough idea then I look through the list that he gave me and I find something that describes what I have created.
This piece sounds watery to me and there's a bit of aggression to it with that bass line so this will be music for Ports and Pirates.

So it is said, and so it shall be.....henceforth.

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Nice post for splinterlands but it needs more details! You're missing out on some value for content that you could pretty easily sneak in there. Love the photos you have included anyway, I love games of skill and anything else that is a good way to pass the time.

Thank you!

What an amazing song! I love it! Splinterlands has the best music because of you!
I am sending you a Steem Monsters upvote! Love this!
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Thank you Clove❤️

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It was that good that I actually signed up to that site specifically to be able to save/add it to a collection (because bookmarking isn't enough) >_>

I really like it!

Thank you!

wow. that sounds just great!
nice work ♥

Thank you!


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