Android On-Line: Splinterlands-inspired themes

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This next piece is dedicated to a card that most people find all too easy to give away ...

The Rusty Android is perhaps the least desirable of all the cards in the Splinterlands. Which is unfortunate since all it wants to do is make friends at the local tavern, or so the story goes. Surely someone will want to collect it up and take it home as a BFF. With its surprisingly deft feet dancing to the tinny beats and its cheery demeanour, what's not to love?

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Honestly, you had me at "Rusty Android". I love that dude. I mean, he infamously was the one the coined the nickname for Lord Anus...😏 if only by accident. And you're right, he's just a bot looking for friendship.

Great little tune! Thanks for sharing!
🥰 @carrieallen

xD i wasnt aware of that