The Goblin Chef's Apprentice: Splinterlands-inspired themes

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By my reckoning, the Goblin Chef really shines in lower mana matches where preventing the ability of a tank to heal might be the difference between victory and defeat. You've got to get a little lucky, depending on how good (or bad) the 'meal' is ...

Being a Goblin Chef is hard work, and it's easy to imagine a Goblin Chef's kitchen being an intense, high energy workplace. There's the crash of pots and pans, the thudding of knives and mallets, and the rattling of metal and glass. Never mind the many customers waiting for their next meal!

Those who would aspire to become a master Goblin Chef must first serve as an apprentice and undergo the most rigorous training, learning from the master and doing as he does. The particular apprentice in this track struggles a bit at first, but seems to catch on in the end. Can you tell who is who?

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Now I am hungry...for slime!


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I was smiling through this whole thing!
I love it!

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