SPLINTERLANDS: Water Elemental Battle Challenge

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Greetings fellow Splinterlands warriors. I'm happy to see this week's challenge is the only ALPHA card I have left, Water Elemental. I use this card all the time because of its healing abillity. It's also one of the cooler looking cards in my opinion.

Water Elemental.png

Heads up to the Splinterlands team, but this card's Splinterlore is jacked up. It looks like something else got copy and pasted in. I don't know what should be in the Splinterlore, but maybe it looks something like...

The Water Elemetal monster is made of liquid, but can take any form. Up close it's usually harmless, but beware of its ranged attacks and ability to self-heal. No one knows where it came from or what spirit or power grants its abillities other than it is ancient and dangerous.


In this odds out low mana battle I had two cards versus their six, but the Water Elemental helped secure the victory. I sometimes place it in the second position to protect the crab healer, but it works well in the rear too. Now that there is the poison gas rule where all cards take two hits per round, self-healing cards are all must haves. Thank you for reading about my Water Elemental battle today. And thanks @splinterlands for these contests. Have an ALPHA day!

My Battle: