Daily Update - 25 Aug.

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Today, my daily challenge was for Fire. I completed this bouncing up and down between Silver 1 and Gold 3. For today, I made sure I was in gold before I opened my rewards, and here is what I got:

daily challenge.JPG

Value of todays earnings in DEC:

  • 3 commons - 15 DEC each = 45 DEC
  • 2 rares - 60 DEC each = 120 DEC
  • 1 Epic - 300 DEC
  • DEC earned in battles - 167

Total DEC earned: 632
Value = 3.27 STEEM or 0.62 USD


daily cap.JPG
Marketcap has increased by $19,165 today and a total of $30,321 over the last 3 days.

Daily DEC price

daily dec.JPG

DEC has gone up slightly since yesterday, with a climb in the exchange rate for STEEM the main driver, otherwise, DEC/STEEM remains fairly stable again.

My Deck:

daily value.JPG

My deck value has increased by $4.76 since yesterday, with the inclusion of yesterdays Legendary draw and some price moves included.

Thanks for reading, see you next time.

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