Daily Update - 26 Aug

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Today's story is some serious movement in the marketplace. Most noticeable has been the run on Lord Arianthus. Someone has been buying up big time, question is will it continue or have they filled their quota. I have put mine on the market, just to see if they are still buying. $12.80 for a little 2 BCX Lord A would give me funds to spend across my team, so we shall see.

My Daily Challenge today was death, and I managed to complete it fairly well, despite lots of battles were Death wasn't available. Stayed in Gold for most of it also.

daily challenge.JPG

  • DEC value of cards: 135
  • DEC from battles: 334

Total DEC earned = 469
Value - 2.41 STEEM or 0.45 USD


daily cap.JPG

A huge move today up by $245,371 to close in on the 3 million mark.

Daily DEC price:

daily dec.JPG

Marginally down on yesterday (only by a tiny move)

My Deck value:

daily value.JPG

Obviously more than just Lord A has moved up in value, my deck rose in value by $36.10 - a 15% rise overnight. Will be interesting to see if that trend continues as Beta packs run low.

Does anyone know how many rewards cards remain? I know they are limited in number also, but can't remember the limits. Surely some of them must be coming near the end of their supply also?

That's it for today, an awesome day for Splinterland's players with big gains in the value of our cards.



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