Daily Update - 27 Aug

in spt •  6 months ago 

Today, I bought a few Beta packs. Just 6, which I opened all at once with the following results:

A few summoners is always nice, and the Gold Centaur was a good pick up. I have put him on the market just over $5, hopefully it sells. No legendaries but a couple of epics leave me reasonably happy with this pack opening.

I Struggled a bit with my Daily, Earth is one of my weaker options. I played a fair bit before my new Daily, so was well and truly in Gold, where I have remained.
daily challenge.JPG

Nothing too exciting in my Daily Rewards cards.


daily cap.JPG

After yesterdays dramatic surge, the cap slid back by around $30k. It is still up by nearly $250K in the last week.

My Deck Value

daily value.JPG

Traded a few cards, bought and sold and levelled up some. Total value has gone up by another $9.96 today. (I bought 6 packs, $12 spent, but I have also pulled a few thousand DEC out into my DEC savings) Overall happy witht he days progress.

See you all next time,


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