Finally reached DIAMOND I and was so close to reaching the CHAMPIONS league today!

in #sptlast month

Well I've already said it a lot of times before and I will say it again. For some odd reason, I find it a lot easier to advance to the DIAMOND I leagues instead of advancing from DIAMOND III leagues to DIAMOND II leagues.

Like this season, I was once again stuck in the DIAMOND III leagues for a good ~10 days but it only took me 2 days to advance to the DIAMOND I leagues (reached it last night not today btw).


I reckon it must have something to do with the fact that players who 'strategically decides to stay in a league far lower than their own' has finally decided to advance now to the league they are supposed to be in to get more season end rewards since the current season is almost ending.

I believe I read somewhere that they will now put a limit to this (possibly in the next update). Like say if one has currently 3700+ Battle Points and chose not to advance to the CHAMPIONS league, then his Battle Points will no longer increase no matter how many ranked matches he will win after that.

Pretty nice if you ask me since that will possibly make a lot of players immediately advance after getting the advancement pop-up instead of deliberately staying in the lower leagues until a day or two before the season ends.

Anyways, I might have ranted for too long. This morning I was so close in reaching the CHAMPIONS league. If ever that would have been my first time reaching it after the Collection Power update.

I managed to climb my way towards 3671 (Champions is 3700) so I was very close. XD


Anyways, unfortunately my luck wasn't enough and after that I got matched up against very strong opponents and was thrown back to 3492 and is now so far away from the CHAMPIONS. Lol


Good run though, give me a little hope for the next season.