Flexing my 13-long win streak in the Champions league!

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Not sure if I'm just plain lucky or what, but 3 days ago I've started doing/playing some matches on the afternoon as opposed to my usual daily routine of doing it in the mornings. I then noticed that I am getting an unusually high-win-rate in the afternoon compared to when I play my matches in the morning.

As a matter of fact, the reason why I made it to the Champions league this season was because of a 5-straight wins I got yesterday which again was played in the afternoon.

This morning however as what I expected, I got heavily beaten again and out of 20 ranked matches I did, I think I only won 6 times (just enough to complete my daily quest XD).

I tried playing some matches again hours ago (afternoon here) and surprisingly got myself a 13-long winning streak! 6 of which happened in the Champions league! (Yep! I didn't expect to get such a long-winning streak on the Champions.)


I'm now honestly considering doing all my matches in the afternoon instead of the morning. Not sure if related, but my country and USA has a ~12 hours difference. This means that morning here is afternoon over there and I'm pretty sure most people who play SteemMonsters (except the bots of course) do it on their free time which is afternoon-to-evening which again would mean a somewhat high chance of being matched up with those players.

I don't have any data to back this up but most likely the majority of those full-leveled decks are from 1st world countries like the US so I think me playing it in the afternoon means a lot of them are still asleep or preparing to go to work at that time. XD


Now that's a good streak of wins lol.

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