Got 2 Legendaries today from the UNTAMED PACKS!

in spt •  last month 

What I really find funny, confusing and a little disappointing though is that I got 2 Legendaries today from opening 6 Untamed Packs WITHOUT the use of any POTIONS. XD


I opened a pack of UNTAMED after my daily quest today and what I got was this: That is with 4 Legendary Potions and 3 Alchemy ones. XD


Also opened a pack 2 days ago with the same amount of potions for both Legendary and Alchemy and no GOLD and/or Legendary card in sight. Heh!


I did get a legendary card 4 days ago but it really makes me think hard if this potions are working or not. Whether it really increases our chances of receiving a gold card and/or legendary ones since I got 2 Legendary cards today without the help of potions. XD

And so, the first legendary in the UNTAMED series I have leveled-up through card pulls is the legendary card "Scale Doctor". I do have a level 3 "Chain Golem" but I bought all 6 cards so not really counted as free level-up. XD


As a "Dragon" monster card, this one would have been perfect if it has a "Flying" ability. With it's 'strengthen' and 'triage' ability this card would have been perfect for "earquake" rule matches. XD

Hopefully this cards would help me to reach the CHAMPIONS II league again this season.

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