Got 2 Packs today!

in spt •  last month 

Started the day a little bit pissed off (again) after my consecutive loses trying to complete today's daily quest. What's worse though was the fact that the daily quest I got today was my 2nd favoured elemental splinter, the WATER SPLINTER so I was honestly expecting easy wins today.

Not sure on the exact number but I think my win-rate for today was only around 25-30%. T_T

What made my anger subside a little was my daily quest rewards for today as I got not only 1 UNTAMED PACK but TWOOOOO! Woohoo!


I really would love to immediately open the two packs I just got but my Alchemy and Legendary potions are only at count 5 and 6 respectively. Still I wasn't able to control my urge to check out at least 1 pack and was very surprised to see a LEGENDARY card. Woohoo!

Annotation 20200704 085948.jpg

At first I was a little disappointed seeing a 6 mana cost card but looking back at the stats of the card, it's not that bad since it has the "blast" ability. It would have been perfect if this card has the "flying " ability though being a dragon monster card.

Tried to do some ranked matches to see if my luck would now make me win some matches but instead got a 5-lose streak. Lol


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