So closeee!

in #spt2 months ago

As always even though the possibility of me getting a new legendary summoner on the upcoming 8th airdrop of the UNTAMED series is slim to none, I'm still very much excited about it. XD


I thought it would unlock today but seems like it would be tomorrow or the day after with still 4220 packs remaining before reaching 100,000 and unlocking the 8th legendary untamed summoner airdrop.


I have only bought 105 UNTAMED packs so far so the possibility of me getting one is really low but I'm still hoping that Lady Luck would be on my side once I claim my airdrop.

So far the only card I have gotten since these airdrop events were released was the RARE Dragon Summoner Drake of Amak. I even got 2 back then back when I have only bought around 50 Packs.