Here, there..

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Reward claimed on @creepycreature

Hi, Hello...

Before I continue playing with other delegated decks, I took time to complete the quest on my alts which contains of quite nice novice league monsters (level 1) and decided to wrap it up on a posting. Just for document of the day on splinterlands.
Ended up on gold 3 today, the reward is nice

Earth quest on creepycreature and death quest on juxtapozed, no trouble with birds' deck because they're taking a break perhaps or the rulesets with active splinters just too limited and it's perfect for me to accomplish the mission in minutes.

I have a neutral thought about new system rewards, because it will bring luck for bigger decks and quite something for the poor deck with ghost cards and few rares and epics rewards monster + untamed.

That's cool because new players need to buy more cards and the veteran needs to collect the investment back and count the profit.

Simply mural at the back wall KOBAR Coffee shop

I like the bots players around, but I wish they're not too many while I am playing 🤣 naagh.. it is okay, I beat the accounts which only has 2 combination way in the battlefield and flew away when no water splinter actives.

I hope that many silver decks will reach diamond league too this season, because the lvl 1 decks are everywhere.